nature's spitfire;;
that will leave you laughing & bleeding.
brothern that howls & will leave you decieving.
normality lost and curiosity driven,
a girl in wolf's disguise & an alpha risen.

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  • ✔: A plot you would love to play out with your character
  • ★: A blog you'd love to roleplay with
  • ✖: A plot you would never do/can't do with your character
  • ♔: A character (in general) that you'd like to interact with
  • ☀: Another Mun that you really admire/respect
  • ☣: A pet peeve about roleplaying
  • ☠: Something you dislike about your fandom
  • ➸: Something you like about your fandom
  • ✉: Someone you're afraid to approach/unsure of approaching
  • ☄: A doubt you have about your writing
  • ☮: Something you're confident about with your writing
  • ✿: Three of your favourite followers
  • ❂: Three of your favourite blogs that you follow
  • ❢: Your favourite icon of your muse's FC
  • ♘: Your favourite icon of your Mun FC
  • ☎: A picture of yourself
  • ♫: An argument that you're sick of hearing
  • ♈: An argument/topic that you could debate all day

sorry for the inactivity as of late! i’ve been over on my dante blog and trying to make him active since i’ve been careless and inactive with him for a month or so. so if you’d like to give my dante from the dmc reboot a go, go check him out!


  • ♡: Your narration
  • ♥: Your dialogue
  • ❥: Your internal monologues (thoughts)
  • ❣: Your descriptions
  • ❦: Your details
  • ❧: Your plots
  • ✽: Your ideas
  • ✿: Your characterization
  • ❁: There's good sentence variation!
  • ✤: Your figurative language
  • ❋: Your use of side characters
  • ☆: Your understanding
  • ☄: WILDCARD! Other: ______
through-fire-and-flame: ♔ - finding muse A wearing muse B's clothes 



Nonsexual acts of Intimacy - Select from the following for my muse to respond to.

his hood had completely diverted her emerald gaze, where
her smile was barely visible underneath the shadows that
distorted all else. but it was hard not to hear her bubbly
laughter while she spun herself around all while familiarizing
herself with laur’s scent she had come to love and find refuge
in. upon bared tip-toes and her arms free from her sides and
balancing her small frame as she spun in circles. best believe
she was having so much fun in her own right.

          “laurrrrrr, yer cloak is soooo big on kunie.
           i love it so much! smells ‘jus like you~”

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